Yays and Nays

Aug 232009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay – To the Collegian resuming daily print. Believe it or not, we offer more than RamTalk and Sudoku . we also protect your fine china.

Nay – To the start of classes. Luckily classes are optional at CSU.

Yay – To football and volleyball season. It’s not always easy being proud to be a CSU Ram. That’s what beer is for.

Nay – To lousy professors. Hey, welcome to Colorado — you get what you pay for.

Yay – To that fat financial aid refund. Tuition: $4,424, books: $450, still being able to drink your face off at the Showdown: priceless.

Nay – To irritating roommates. Keep copious records so that you may one day systematically ruin their lives.

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