Aug 232009
Authors: Ian Bezek

There’s more to the Collegian than our daily Sudoku puzzle. While we are here to entertain you, we are also here to inform and even to challenge you.

It’s no secret that newspapers are a troubled industry — many have written journalists off as antiquated or irrelevant.

However, the Collegian remains valuable because we provide the sort of local coverage that no one else can. When you need to know what’s going on with the administration, student government or the campus, we, along with our partners at KCSU, College Avenue and CTV are the best place to turn.

Just as the national media serves as a check to balance the power of the federal government and big business, we provide a check on the power of the local authorities that run things here on campus and across town.

As those of you returning here may remember, our investigative reporting shed light on the dealings of former CSU President Larry Penley along with former campus police chief Dexter Yarborough.

On this very opinion page, a national firestorm ensued in 2007 after the publication of a controversial editorial.

Unlike often-docile college newspapers, the Collegian is run independently of the university, so we are free to candidly report about whatever happens around campus.

This is where you come in. While we have a highly-trained and qualified staff, we can’t catch everything that happens. We need your tips, letters and feedback to provide the best possible coverage for our community.

In particular, as the editor of the opinion page, I ask for your letters. I frequently hear people complaining about the editorial page during my classes — we’re too liberal, they say, or we’re not liberal enough, or we need more columns about a particular issue.

If you feel a particular view or topic is not being discussed enough on this page, send me a guest editorial or letter to the editor and get your opinion heard.

While my columnists do a great job providing a diverse range of commentary across many issues, we cannot cover the full spectrum of ideas without you.

I urge you not to give up on the editorial page if we publish a column or two with which you strongly disagree. We are operating a public forum that upholds fully the first amendment, allowing the publication of things that are at times shocking or unpleasant.

When I was a freshman, before I began writing for the Collegian, there was a columnist or two with whom I would disagree nearly every week. Looking back, I can confidently say I learned a lot more from reading their articles and understanding their viewpoints than I learned from the columnists with whom I usually agreed.

The expression of contrary and unpopular ideas is what makes the media important. Our reporters expose things the CSU administration and Fort Collins city government would prefer to remain secret. The opinion page can also, if you let it, expose you to ideas and viewpoints with which you are unfamiliar.

I pledge to use the forum of the opinion page to promote a lively discussion of the issues affecting us college students. I hope you’ll join us and participate.

Editorials Editor Ian Bezek is a senior economics major. His column appears Mondays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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