Aug 232009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

As Rams, new and old, make the mass return back to Fort Collins, we at the Collegian want to encourage every student to acknowledge our common bond as representatives of an institution we all love, for one reason or another.

There’s a mantra that represents this idea well –/the timeless tune sung at university sporting events and parties throughout Fort Collins.

“I say I’m proud –/to be –/a CSU Ram, oh yeah I say — I’m proud –/to be — a CSU Ram!”

The words rise above the teeming crowd and culminate in an unseen yet palpable cloud of confidence and somehow manage to unite thousands of students together as one.

The idea of our shared identity and a pride in that identity is what we believe makes CSU so special in its own right –/and certainly more special than the buffalo down south.

Today, on the start of the new academic year, we challenge all of you, old Rams and new, to join together and support one another in your endeavors.

Pay attention to the issues that affect us all and take a stand to cause change and make a difference.

When the student body and our educational wellbeing is threatened by massive state budget cuts to higher education, join together and storm the Capitol; protest until conditions improve.

When our sports teams run onto the field –/especially when our football team enters enemy territory to take on CU-Boulder at the Rocky Mountain Showdown next month — be there to cheer them on and chant, repeatedly, the mantra. /

And as you skirt in and out of classes this week CSU, remember that we are all here for each other as human beings, but more importantly, as Rams.

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