Aug 162009
Authors: Alexandra Sieh

As the fall semester approaches, numbers for this summer’s enrollment come in close to what university officials said are expected, with a 2 percent increase in undergraduate students from 2008.

Barbara Gotshall, the director of CSU’s Summer Session, said 5,879 students enrolled in classes this summer, not including veterinary students. Of those students, 4,989 were undergraduates and 890 were graduates.

Compared to last summer, which had a final headcount of 5,821 students enrolled, CSU saw an increase of 99 undergraduate students, but the number of graduate students decreased by 61.

Gotshall said the increase in student enrollment is a positive sign for the university, considering the currently bad economic season.

“Most summer session administrators are glad to see their numbers even and at this point do not expect to see big increases in summer enrollments,” she said.

Of the students who enrolled this summer, 16.8 percent were non-resident students, down 1.2 percent from 2008.

But the decrease in non-residents isn’t surprising, Gotshall said in an e-mail interview.

“In this economic downturn, students tend to enroll in community colleges or attend colleges in their home state,” she said.

Other land grant universities are seeing the same trend in enrollment numbers, with both Kansas State University and Michigan State University reporting steady figures for the past few years.

Closer to home, CU-Boulder had a 1 percent increase in its enrollment headcount this summer.

In hopes of preserving these numbers in the future, Gotshall said there might be room for improvement by creating a sort of hybrid course that would be listed in the summer curriculum.

“From our student surveys we learn that students would like more online courses or hybrid courses (part face-to-face instruction and part online instruction) so that they do not need to come to campus every day,” Gotshall said.

By offering another option that allows more flexibility, students would be able to hold a summer job easier while still taking classes.

At this point, these types of classes haven’t been created, but they are something that Gotshall says could be considered in hopes of raising summer enrollment numbers.

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