Aug 162009
Authors: Kirsten Silveira

U.S. Rep. Betsy Markey, D-District 4, brought President Barack Obama’s embattled health care debate to CSU Tuesday, hosting a rally for the reform bill in the student government chambers Tuesday.

The bill, which has drawn fervent opposition from the GOP across the nation, aims to bring a government-run health care model to the United States.

Supporters of the bill claim that this reform will make health care a right rather than a privilege by expanding the coverage and improving the overall quality.

“Insurance companies are strictly money oriented. We need a system where the concern isn’t a vacation in the Caymen Islands,” said A.J. Feldman, a Fort Collins resident who showed up to support the bill.

However, skeptics of the bill said the health care issue to too much for a government to handle, and it should be left to the private sector.

“I feel like the government can’t handle a budget, and my choices are being taken away,” said Melissa Crouch, a Fort Collins resident who opposes reform.

The rally allowed people from both sides of the issue to ask Markey questions and share their views on the matter.

The format for the discussion, which allotted time for each willing participant, gave each observer a voice previously unheard in town hall meetings around the state.

“When you put 400 people in an auditorium you’re only going to hear the 10 loudest people” said Markeys’ Communications Director Ben Marter.

Upon answering a variety of questions, the congresswoman attempted to emphasize that the current health care system is not efficient, but the needed change is “not going to happen over night.”

Markey plans to hold rallies across the state.

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