Yays and Nays

Aug 042009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay to the two journalists in North Korea being pardoned. Kim Jong-il, now you are going to be so lonely. So lonely.

Nay to trash redistricting. What is the City of Fort Collins thinking? Stop leeching off students, you trash-talking fascists.

Yay to New West Fest. Nothing better than having Melissa Etheridge serenade us alongside the 3 Twins, a Denver soul group and Los Angeles “culture-mashers” Ozomatli.

Nay to buying textbooks at the beginning of the semester. Trash Redistricting. Bills. Tuition. Well, we can always sell our plasma/kidneys.

Yay to distinguished professors for increasing the value of our degrees … somebody’s gotta do it.

Nay to this being the last summer newspaper. You’ll be stuck with the Coloradoan. We sincerely apologize.

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