Aug 042009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Two of the most controversial figures in American law enforcement and education also just became two of the most lucky people in the world.

Just after white Cambridge Police Sgt. James Crowley arrested black Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. for allegedly breaking into a house –/Gates’ own –/President Barack Obama called the officer’s actions stupid in a televised press conference. But to make up for the comment, which spurred national controversy, Obama felt compelled to make amends by doing something we at the Collegian feel is a perfect hullabaloo retardant: invite them both to have a beer at the White House.

It’s perfect. Think about it. You’re a police officer who made an arrest your commander-in-chief decried as obtuse, or you’re a disgruntled black man who is pissed off at the system. What would make you feel better? We don’t know about you, but having a brewskie in the most famous political structure in the world would certainly make us feel better.

Call us alcoholics. Call us immature. But don’t say you would turn down sipping a Blue Moon (Crowley) or a Sam Adams Light (Gates) in the Rose Garden with the president (Bud Light) and vice president (Buckler’s) of the United States.

Seems that a sour situation can suddenly turn sweet, even amid a brewing national race controversy.

Good move Barack.

Now the only thing for you to do is invite the Collegian crew to the White House for a cocktail (Jack Daniel’s). We’re waiting.

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