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Authors: Ashley Robinson

Michael Lloyd-Billington says the most important part of a yoga session is “the deep relaxation period,” and his students agree — so much so that when toads hop through their class, they don’t notice.

“I spent five minutes chasing him around the room as he hopped over students,” Lloyd-Billington said. “After the class, though, students came up to me and told me it was the most relaxed they had ever felt. They didn’t even notice.”

But currently, the construction going on outside of the Student Recreation Center isn’t exactly conducive to the sessions.

“Listen to the soothing sounds of the construction blast by,” Lloyd-Billington, who works as a yoga instructor at the Rec. Center joked.

Fort Collins offers a myriad of yoga experiences, including:

/ Old Town Yoga Studio at the corner of Riverside Avenue and Jefferson Street in Old Town

/ Yoga Center at the Pulse on the corner of Drake Road and Shields Street

/ Corepower Yoga at side of College Avenue just passed Drake Road

/ Breath Yoga of Fort Colllins at Drake Road and Research Boulevard

/ Bikram Yoga on Mason Street and Mountain Avenue in Old Town

/ Treetop Studio on Jefferson Street and College Avenue in Old Town

Bikram yoga, also known simply as “Hot Yoga” and offered at Corepower, is practiced in a room that has been heated between 100 and 110 degrees, causing participants to perspire, which is a good form of detoxification, according to Carol Borchert a certified yoga teacher at the clinic.

Vinyasa yoga, also known as flow yoga, is a more basic form of yoga where a series of poses are combined with breathing exercises.

Yin yoga provides deep stretches and is mostly floor-based poses held for one to five minutes.

Vinyasa, Bikram, and Yin yoga can be found in most studios throughout Fort Collins.

“There are lots of good studios in Fort Collins,” Borchert said. “Most of them offer free or cheap intro classes. Students should try all different studios to find a studio that feels right for them.”

Restorative yoga is a great deal more meditative and uses more props, she said.

“It really just depends on what people are looking for,” Borchert said. “Runners might prefer the yin yoga for the deep stretches; (senior citizens) might prefer a more restorative yoga which is gentler.”

Yoga can be traced as far as 5,000 years back historically rooted in the Indus Valley in northwest India. Yogis, or monks, in the Indus Valley, used yoga to encourage people to grow spiritually.

Lloyd-Billington said yoga is a mellow exercise for anyone trying to cope with stress or get in shape.

“It’s important to know that sometimes the easiest poses are best for you,” said Lloyd-Billington.

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