Yays and Nays

Jul 282009

Yay | to newly-hired CSU Police Chief Wendy Rich-Goldschmidt. This is a win-win move for both CSU and Rich-Goldschmidt: We end a long saga that included embattled former CSU Police Chief Dexter Yarborough, and she moves out of the cow smell that is Greeley.

Nay | to moving into new apartments or houses for the upcoming school year. Be aware that there is never enough beer and pizza that can make up for helping a friend move.

yay | to the Lyric Cinema Café showing free cartoons every morning, except Sunday. Nothing is more special to a kid than cereal, free cartoons and stumbling drunks from the night before.

nay | to corrupt politicians in New Jersey. Honestly, let’s grow up. The Sopranos is over, so stop trying to relive the dream in your everyday life.

yay | to CSU President Tony Frank and Chancellor Joe Blake campaigning for funding for higher education. Hopefully this campaign has nothing to do with Maxwell Ranch.

Nay | to CU-Boulder ranking high on the Princeton Review’s list for party schools. As CU’s older, wiser brother, CSU needs to host an intervention.

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