Jul 282009

You bad boys better watch out — there’s a new police chief in town.

Former University of Northern Colorado Police Chief Wendy Rich-Goldschmidt was named as chief of the CSU Police Department last Wednesday, putting the months of searching and debating over potential candidates for the position at an end and filling the hole that former CSU Police Chief Dexter Yarbrough left behind in March.

We at the Collegian would like to congratulate Chief Rich-Goldschmidt for this achievement and welcome her to our campus. Her extensive experience and community involvement — in educational, law enforcement and drug committees and boards — will be a refreshing change from the controversy this university experienced this past spring surrounding Yarbrough’s resignation.

In an open forum held last month, CSU’s new chief said she wants to “be very visible, out greeting the community, building trust and one-on-one relationships.”

The Collegian hopes she follows through on those promises and gets to know the people and the community she has sworn to serve and protect.

As the former UNC police chief, Rich-Goldschmidt should have the leadership experience, tough attitude and goals in place to make our police force the shining example of how a department should operate.

We want to wish her good luck on her new position and welcome her to our campus and to Fort Collins as the lead-protector of the Rams.

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