Jul 282009
Authors: Alexandra Sieh

Depending on funding, the lowering of CSU’s West Lawn and installation of two new soccer fields won’t be the only stage of construction this project sees. Facilities Management also hopes to realign the ditch and bike path that run through the lawns, moving them closer to the Lory Student Center.

According to Fred Haberecht, the assistant director of landscape and planning with Facilities Management at CSU, this adjustment is being made to not only give enough space for the soccer fields, but to improve the appearance of the area.

“Right now there are really sharp sides to (the ditch),” Haberecht said, “so the idea is to make it a more functional and aesthetic feature, widening the banks and including places to sit along side of it.”

The water portion of the ditch will remain the same width, with the sides being widened to accommodate seating areas for students next to the water. The bike path will remain 12 feet wide.

This portion of the project is expected to begin during the winter, when the water in the ditch isn’t running, and completed by spring 2010.

The final stage of this construction will be the removal of the temporary parking lot located across from the Recreation Center to the east.

The parking lot, a “Q” lot, will remain in use during the 2009-2010 academic year, but during the summer of 2010 the area will undergo the same construction as the current field, being lowered and re-sod to create more lawns and an informal amphitheater near the lagoon.

The budget for both of these projects is still undetermined at this point, Haberecht said, and they are waiting to see how the first stage, lowering the West Lawn and adding the fields, goes before deciding on an amount for the remaining stages.

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