Our View: Be safe, have fun

Jul 212009
Authors: the Collegian Editorial Board

At the Collegian, we’re all about summer fun: camping, rafting, trips to Water World, hiking, barbeques, concerts, Brewfest and anything else involving the sun, good friends and of course, good beer.

But in the words of comic book mogul Stan Lee, “With great power comes great responsibility.” And the same applies to every CSU student this summer –/with great fun comes great responsibility.

Saturday, a 21-year-old Colorado School of Mines student named Derk Slottow drown kayaking on the Poudre River. He was president of the CSM kayaking club and was interning for the McLaughlin Whitewater Design Group, which designs white water courses and parks.

Slottow knew the risks involved with rafting; he knew the idiosyncrasies of the sport and how to participate in it safely. Even still, he could not control the forces of Mother Nature.

Additionally, the Coloradoan reported the body of Dennis Schultz, a motorcyclist who had been missing since he crashed his bike on July 8, was found in the Poudre River Saturday. Schultz reportedly hit the guardrail along Colorado Highway 14 and fell into the river below.

After hearing about accidents like these we worry about our fellow students. Those who float lazily down the Poudre River in black inner tubes, beer in hand, or those who hike through the forests in Pingree Park without maps or basic safety knowledge.

By reporting these tragedies, we’re not trying to discourage you all from going out and enjoying the sun and grand weather Colorado has to offer. Instead, we want to remind people to be safe and take extra precautions while playing this summer.

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