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Authors: Madeline Novey

Police agencies in Fort Collins estimate that year-to-date 2009 DUI arrest numbers are on track with those recorded in 2008.

Based on the current statistics it is impossible to tell whether the city will experience increased incidents of drunk driving, Fort Collins Police Services Crime Analyst Laurie Frank said.

FCPS made 564 DUI arrests in 2008 and 293 arrests for 2009 as of Thursday.

CSUPD made 265 total DUI arrests in 2008 and 158 from January through July in the same year. To-date, the department has made 70 DUI arrests in 2009.

DUI arrest numbers will be much lower this year because the department’s “night officers who were DUI hounds switched to day shift,” said CSUPD Records Manager Joan Williams.

The administration’s desire that CSUPD’s focus be more on campus instead of surrounding streets when the new police chief is hired could result in lower DUI arrests in 2009, Williams said.

Though Fort Collins is a college town and more DUI arrests are expected as a result, the number of DUI arrests made annually are comparable to other cities, said FCPS Officer Scott Crumbaker.

Crumbaker works on the FCPS Collision Reconstruction and Safety Handling team that responded to the scene of the accident after then-20-year-old Front Range Community College student Daniel Price hit Rebecca Allen, an adviser in the Journalism Department, and her biking companion Jennifer Garvey, with his car while they were riding their bikes on Drake Road on July 22.

Finding another ride home –/from a friend, taxi or bus –/after drinking even one beer is imperative, Crumbaker said.

“The message I have for those (people who go out and drink) is the same we’ve been putting out for years. If you’re going to go out and have fun, don’t trust that you’re going to be OK to go out at night,” he said. “Find a way to get home so you’re not behind the wheel.”

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