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Authors: Madeline Novey

Wendy Rich-Goldschmidt was named CSU chief of police Wednesday after former embattled CSU Police Chief Dexter Yarbrough resigned in March among allegations of sexual harrassment and an on-going personnel investigation.

Rich-Goldschmidt, who served six years as University of Northern Colorado’s chief, was chosen out of three final candidates for the position and will start her term as chief on August 17.

Whereas Yarbrough served both as chief and associate vice president of CSU’s department of public safety, Rich-Goldschmidt will maintain a “leadership position” on CSU’s Public Safety Team, according to a press release sent to the Collegian on Wednesday.

“I am very excited about having Wendy join our campus, I think that she has tremendous experience and will do a great job for us as police chief,” said Vice President of Student Affairs Blanche Hughes, who headed the national serach committee that chose Rich-Goldschmidt for the position.

The new chief was chosen for her experience as chief of police at a Colorado university and her work with different enforcement agencies within the state that Hughes said CSU “need to partner with.”

Rich-Goldschmidt said in an interview with the campus last month that she wanted to “be very visible, out greeting the community, building trust and one-on-one relationships” if she was hired.

Her goal as chief, she said in that same interview, is to change the way students, faculty and staff, feel about officers; “seeing cops as approachable people.”

Beginning as a patrol officer at UNC in 1987, Rich-Goldschmidt had a background that included stints as a corrections and security guard in several locations after 1991 and work as an associate in the Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention.

Her current and past community involvement includes but is not limited to: membership on the Weld County School District Six Career and Education Technical advisory council, the UNC ROTC advisory board, the Weld County Criminal Justice Advisory committee, the Colorado Sexual Assault Prevention Advisory committee and the Weld Women’s Fund board of directors.

The position of chief of police reports to Thomas Gorell, senior vice president for Administrative Services. The chief also has a leadership position on the university’s Public Safety Team.

The PST reports to the president and develops safety and disaster response programs for campus. During the spring semester, PST monitored the Swine Flu outbreak and coordinated with CSU’s Infectious Disease Annex and the Center for Disease Control to create a plan if the outbreak were to reach campus.

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