Jul 142009
Authors: the Collegian Editorial Board

If you move it, we’ll still come.

For the past 20 years, the Colorado Brewers’ Festival has been located in Old Town Square, but a recent petition filed with Fort Collins City Council and signed by about 100 downtown business owners asks that significant changes be made to the event or it be moved to a different location.

Although we at the Collegian hope to see the event continued in the same fashion, we know it won’t lack the drunken shenanigans we are so in love with if it’s in a different place.

Brewfest, which was held on June 27 and 28, featured more than 50 beers and 400 kegs from 30 different breweries and brought in a reported 15,000 people in attendance.

Old Town Square is a convenient site, but it’s hard to confine that many people to such a restricted space.

Business owners’ biggest grievances were the violence, vomiting and urination at their storefronts at this year’s event. With the increase in popularity and attendance over the years, the owners say the festival has outgrown its current location.

Moving the event to a bigger, more spacious location probably won’t cut down on the behavioral problems, but it will at least give businesses owners peace of mind.

Brewfest attendees are bound to have a number of mishaps and shenanigans — so the vomiting is something that we are probably just going to have to deal with. And hey, as long as there is beer, who cares where it’s held? We’ll be there.

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