Yays and Nays

Jul 072009
Authors: the Collegian Editorial Board

Yay | to bedbugs causing this year’s Sofa Round Up to be canceled. What’s next, no more beer at the Ramskellar?

Nay | to former CSU Police Chief Dexter Yarbrough’s second resignation this year. Maybe this is the start of a trend.

Yay | to the CSU skydiving team getting lower rates on their dives. You can say their prices really dropped. Get it?

Nay | to Old Town businesses getting upset with Brewfest festivities. Come on guys. Honestly, how many drunk, peeing, vomiting, college-age kids can make you so much money?

Yay | to the CSU Police Department’s fundraiser last week for Santa Cops. Who thought a bake sale would ever be this much fun . well, other than hippies.

Nay | to the last four-week session of summer school. It’s bad enough that school starts in just over a month, but our hearts go out to the poor saps who pretty much have school from now until December.

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