Yays and Nays

Jun 232009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay to Brewfest coming to Fort Collins this weekend. Finally the time has come where people can just hang out and hang loose in Old Town, much like every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and the occasional Sunday through Wednesday.

Nay to sunburns. It is Mother Nature’s way of saying, “Get your vitamin D from milk and broccoli.”

Yay to summer officially starting last weekend. Now people won’t feel so pathetic waking up at four in the afternoon because the sun’s still up.

Nay to the killings and unrest following the Iranian election. The situation in the Middle Eastern country is dire, but at least we don’t have to hear about any dangling chads.

Yay to the U.S. government apologizing to African-Americans for years of brutal enslavement and prejudice. But in this year where Martin Luther King Jr. would have turned 80 and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People will turn 100 years old, much is still left to be done.

Nay to the CSU Board of Governors for breaking Colorado open meeting laws during proceedings to find a new chancellor. Now the average Joe can fall asleep to 95 minutes of tape recorded at the meeting instead of the meeting itself.

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