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Authors: Madeline Novey

[CSU Pingree Park Campus] The CSU System Board of Governors voted to approve the appointment of Tony Frank and Joe Blake to the positions of CSU president and chancellor of the university system in its board meeting Wednesday morning.

Blake, who is charged with establishing a long-term sustainable revenue stream for the CSU system, used the analogy of Lewis and Clark’s “voyage of discovery” to represent the challenge set before CSU’s leaders.

“Forgive a historical illusion for a moment,” he said to board members after his appointment in a public meeting at CSU’s Pingree Park Campus. “What we have before us is comparable with when Jefferson appointed Lewis and Clark to go into uncharted territory . and I have been on a core of discovery for the last six weeks.”

Where the CSU-Fort Collins president formerly wore two hats – that of the system chancellor and president – the BOG voted in December to split the positions, allowing both leaders to dedicate time to their individual charges. The chancellor will act as a lobbyist for the CSU system, collaborating with members of the legislative and business sectors to create and develop lasting revenue streams.

With this in mind, Blake said while “the (position) has not been tried before . (he) will give it (his) all,” calling his future work a public service.

In meeting of the BOG Evaluation Committee Monday, board members decided on the following terms of employment for each individual:

As chancellor, Blake will serve in his appointment for five years and is slated to receive a $275,000-per-year salary and $750-per-month allowance. He will receive the same benefits as other system employees and a performance-based bonus, to be determined.

The board will work with Blake in the near future to create incentive goals, BOG Spokesperson Michele McKinney said. These are connected to his bonus.

GOB Chairman Doug Jones said Blake’s annual salary, while comparative to the University of Colorado chancellor’s salary; it sits “well below any peer institution.”

When Jones reiterated to the board how valuable Blake is to the system, former President of the Associated Students of CSU Taylor Smoot asked, “Could we double it then?” referring to Blake’s salary. Smoot said he is excited for what Blake and Frank can do for the students of CSU in the coming year.

Frank was appointed for a five-year term and is slated to receive the pay he earned as interim president: $350,000 annually with the addition of a $42,000 annual car and housing allowance. This allowance is awarded as the president is expected to host events at their home and travProxy-Connection: keep-alive

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to meet with university supporters, alumni and other leaders throughout their tenure.

He was approved to retain his position as a tenured professor in the Veterinary Sciences Department and is eligible to earn compensation bonuses, also to be determined by the board.

Frank said his family supports his ambitions as president and the leader of a land-grant university, joking that his two girls were most excited that “he will be out of their hair” now.

Both Blake and Frank’s appointment is effective July 1 at the start of the new fiscal year.

News Managing Editor Madeline Novey can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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