Yays and Nays

Jun 162009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay to the Collegian publishing its first issue of the summer. It’s been a nice, long break full of sleeping and catching up on life. And maybe a few trips to the ‘Skellar, too.

Nay to the crazy weather since the end of spring semester. Tornadoes, hail, rain and clouds — Mother Nature owes us some sunburns.

Yay to the CSU Board of Governors selecting Tony Frank and Joe Blake president and chancellor. Just think of how glorious it will be seeing Frank’s majestic bulletproof goatee every day on campus.

Nay to swarms of just barely post-pubescent freshmen hogging all the precious Lory Student Center space. But hey, who would all us upperclassmen have to look down upon if they didn’t show?

Yay to the Pittsburgh Penguins beating the Detroit Red Wings to win the Stanley Cup. Take that you stupid, no-good, yellow-bellied Red Wings fans. Go Avs.

Nay to the Los Angeles Lakers winning their 15th NBA championship. It should’ve been Birdman and Melo hoisting that golden trophy.

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