Yays and Nays

May 102009

Yay | to finals week finally getting here. Just one more week until a summer of drunken debauchery, unless you’re taking summer courses for your semester of drunken debauchery.

Nay | to finals. Honestly, these little “exams” and “projects” should be called what they really are — torture. Now, where’s the caffeine IV drip?

Yay | to online summer Collegian coverage. But fear not, just check out our Web site, Collegian.com, for stories until we start reprinting on June 17. Also, yay for shameless plugs.

Nay | to no Collegian for four weeks. You’ll miss us, you know you will. And if you do, this issue will be on the racks every day of those four weeks.

Yay | to the Nuggets going up three games on the Dallas Mavericks. Foul against ‘Mello or not a foul against ‘Mello, one thing is clear — Mark Cuban is a d-bag. And he can’t spell either.

Nay | to hunting for a summer job. Hey, we hear the university is looking for a new president though.

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