May 102009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

So another year is gone and past and frankly, we must ask: Where did the time go?

And while we contemplate whether the time space continuum has somehow shifted, speeding up our time spent on this planet, in this past year we have been witnesses to history in every sense of the word.

From the election of the nation’s first African American president, to the resignation of our own university president and every success and failure in between: We have seen and will remember this year.

But first, before we at the Collegian say our goodbyes, we must first bid you all good luck and hope you survive this 16th week of school and the horrors that it brings.

As you wake up this fine Monday morning and pick up the paper, either before or after your first 7 a.m. final, remember that we at the paper share your pain and offer our sympathies.

Remember though, that after the weeklong pain comes the sweet relief of Friday and the inevitable freedom it brings.

And no one group will feel freedom more than our 2009 graduates.

To you all we give our congratulations and say simply: Well done.

You have survived the trials and tribulations of the higher education system and can go out into the world clutching your degree in hand as a testament.

While we hope the facts and the skills you have learned will stay with you and aid in future success, it’s the professors, the friendships and the memories of college-age shenanigans that we hope you cherish for life.

And remember: No matter how many thousands of miles away from Fort Collins you move, you will always have a home at CSU among the Rams.

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