Ram Talk

May 062009

For some reason, I have no idea what Green Peace is promoting, but for some reason I have this great urge to throw rocks at them.

Wearing Ugg boots in seventy-five degree weather is almost as stupid as wearing sandals in the winter. C’mon ladies, lets have some common sense.

To whoever found my iPod in the library and turned it in instead of stealing it, thank you! Decent people do exist!

Personal Realization #47: The only way I know how to spell “bananas” is by singing that Gwen Stephani song in my head.

So, I’m pretty sure it’s summer. Will someone please tell the Animal Science building to turn the heat down?

To the kids who check out laptops at the library: You all have the easiest job on campus, yet seem to be in the worst mood day after day! I don’t really seem to get it.

To the people who play Marco Polo with my laugh: I’m questioning your Marco Polo abilities … You have yet to find me. Keep up the work though, it’s always nice to hear from another fan.

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