May 062009
Authors: Glen Pfeiffer, Ryan Gibbons

The summer draws nigh. The library fills up. People relax on the grass and admire the pond-scummy lagoon. The trees are bare. Ahh, definitely a Fort Collins spring.

Our number one and two priorities are finals and thinking about what’s happening this summer — and not necessarily in that order. We are here to address one of those things, and it’s not finals.

Since we unfortunately will not be speaking to you from this here paper stump over the summer, we feel the need … the need for … letting you know about gadgets coming out this summer so you don’t miss out. And speed. Also that. Always speed./

Third-Generation ‘iPhone’

One of our favorite gadgets slated to be refreshed in July is the new “iPhone.”

“A new ‘iPhone,’ already?” you say.

Yep, it has been a whole year. And this time around Apple is expected to be adding all those basic things they overlooked last time — multimedia texting, a video camera and landscape-oriented typing, just to name a few (watch the video from our March 26 column for more on the new “iPhone” operating system)./

Also included will be bigger storage capacity and copious amounts of unknown goodies. (If anyone is interested, we will be in line at the Boulder Apple store the night before the release if you want to come have a good time. Last year the weather was balmy).

Palm ‘Pre’

You all already know that we’re “iPhone” addicts, but had we not already sold that part of our soul, we would undoubtedly be stoked about the Palm “Pre.” This, in our humble opinion, is the “iPhone’s” first real competition.

The “Pre” offers not only a multi-touch screen but also a user interface that promises to please. The phone will also import your contacts from places like Gmail and Facebook,/a much needed feature for all Facebook stalkers out there. Lastly, this will be the first mobile phone to ship with wireless charging, though it’s going to cost you an extra $70.

‘Windows 7’

We’ve been running the beta of this bad boy for the last three months, and we’re pretty impressed. Microsoft has done a great job of listening to the criticism of the prodigal “Vista” and should have a final product with only a few pieces out of place, something that’s, well, pretty much unheard of from the crew up in Redmond, Wash.

While a release date has yet to be set, this week Microsoft released its “release candidate” (“RC”) into the wild./The “RC” won’t be the whole pie, but its sure going to be most of it. We’d say about 11/6 pi pieces. The best part is that it’s available to anyone for free and won’t expire until June 2010. Sadly, though, it will require a clean install of Windows, which means backing everything up and then a re-installation of all programs./

Our recommendation is to download the “RC” and try it out, for those adventurous to do so. While the clean install is a little scary if you haven’t done it before, it can be beneficial by cleaning out all that junk and spyware that’s accumulated over the years.

Finally, and these are only rumors, but Apple is said to be releasing some cheaper Macintosh’s, as reported by Of course, a cheap Mac is still relatively expensive, but with the current consumer spending trend moving to cheaper computers (case in point: netbooks), Apple is just trying not to lose market share.

Columnists Glen Pfeiffer and Ryan Gibbons are now officially out-of-work columnists . for now. Goodbye Hello bohemian summer.

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