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Authors: Jessica Cline

Newly hired student government members led the first Senate meeting of the 2009-2010 academic year Wednesday night after current student government leaders passed the torch of student representation on to the new administration.

When the Collegian went to print Cabinet members were not ratified –/a process in which the Associated Students of CSU body votes to approve hiring of an individual — and when asked if there was a possibility certain Cabinet members would not be ratified,/President-Elect Dan Gearhart said “some of (the positions) are contentious.”

“There is some shuffling going on,” he said of associate and assistant director positions, adding that he and Vice President-Elect Tim Hole conducted interviews Wednesday before Senate and this could change final hiring decisions for Cabinet.

“Directors are solid,” he said.

The names of the 2009-2010 Cabinet hires were obtained from a press release distributed by ASCSU to the university Tuesday.

While the 2009-2010 presidential team is excited for the future of fresh leadership within the organization, there are four Cabinet positions left empty after several weeks of hiring.

“We will hire someone when the right person comes along,” said President-Elect Dan Gearhart. “The best man applies and the best man gets the job; that is how it has been the whole hiring season.”

With vacancies in the positions of Director of Marketing, Clerk, Assistant Recruitment Officer and Assistant Officer of RamRide Operations, Gearhart said that people have applied for each but no one has stood out and he and Vice President-Elect Tim Hole do not want to rush into anything.

However, he had much faith in the students that were appointed to the Cabinet thus far.

“These people are well qualified individuals, and I think their qualifications speak for themselves,” Gearhart said. “They are highly motivated individuals, they are all go-getters, and I think the students will definitely see that.”

A lot of possible change could come from the new Chief of Staff Tim Sellers, Gearhart said, noting that Seller hopes to focus on helping students save money and promoting green initiatives.

Sellers and other departments within ASCSU are working to implement a textbook exchange program and opening an Office of Sustainability, among other projects.

Seth Walter, current director of Legal Affairs, said that while the position differs every year, the Chief of Staff’s main job is to act as the go-to communication person for the ASCSU cabinet.

“(The position) has varied greatly from year to year so it is really going to be what ever Tim (Hole) wants to do with it,” Walter said. “I am sure he will make it his own and he will serve Dan (Gearhart) and Tim however they want him to.”

Many of the new cabinet members expressed excitement about the upcoming year.

“I think that there will be newer and fresher ideas this year,” Sarah Cole, incoming Director of Marketing-Handbook said. “I hope to see change because we need to progress every year and get new ideas out there.”

Paul Schofield, assistant director-elect of Legislative Affairs, agreed that he is looking forward to the new ideas that come with the new faces.

“I think that (the ASCSU cabinet) has been doing a great job so far, that is why I wanted to join,” he said, “But I look forward to new ideas and working on keeping student fees down and fighting the U+2 law.”

He also said he is ready to work to pass the Board of Governor’s Bill, a bill which would give CSU student government presidents, from CSU-Fort Collins and CSU-Pueblo, voting rights on the CSU System Board of Governors.

“I think it is a great move giving students a voice that will actually be heard on the board,” he said.

Seth Whitworth, director-elect of RamRide Operations, anticipates change in his department. He strives to improve the efficiency of RamRide with the hopes that more people will use RamRide if the wait time is not as long.

“RamRide has been improving since it started, but I really want to look into computer-aided dispatch for the future,” he said. “And I am hoping to get a grant from one of the local breweries so we can grow and expand.”

Current ASCSU President Taylor Smoot said that he thinks that the new Cabinet will be a great team and foresees change as well.

“(The cabinet) will change because it is an entirely different group of people with different priorities and different situations to deal with,” he said.

Assistant News Editor Madeline Novey contributed to this report.

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