May 052009
Authors: Compiled Heidi Reitmeier

To the guy in my HES 145 class doing yesterday’s sudoku with today’s answers right next to him: Come on. Seriously?

People need to stop worrying about the swine flu. It’s only in Boulder because the’re dirty hippies. We shower in FoCo, we’re good!

Is it bad that the only thing I am going to miss about CSU is the RamTalk bashing girls wearing Uggs?

To the guy with the extremely loud laugh: Sometimes, my friends and I will play Marco Polo with your laugh to see if we can find you across campus. Just FYI.

Does any one want to take one for the team and get swine flu so the school will shut down and we won’t have to take finals?

To all the people walking around campus barefoot: This isn’t Boulder, please put your shoes back on.

Dodging GreenPeace is like the new Frogger.

Whose idea was it to call this “dead week”? I’m sorry, I still have a s***load to do this week.

Has anyone ever noticed what the red brick under the Yates bridge is shaped like?

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