Yays and Nays

May 032009

Yay | to the upcoming Undie Run on Saturday night. It’s for a great cause. But guys, please, no banana hammocks.

Nay | to the fake “dead week” before finals. It should be more like un-dead week because nobody’s had an ounce of sleep since mid-April.

Yay | to celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Sit back, have a couple of Coronas, dip some chips in salsa and pretend like you know what Cinco de Mayo actually celebrates.

Nay | to people overreacting about swine flu. We should be more concerned about heart disease from eating stuff like sausage, bacon, ham, pork, ribs . hungry yet?

Yay | to the Nuggets kicking some major butt in the NBA Playoffs. Finally, a Denver sports team that doesn’t suck after trading a major star.

Nay | to Tasering incidents. I mean, really, the only people who get shocked should be willing … and ready.

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