May 032009
Authors: Compiled Heidi Reitmeier

With all this Swine Flu hysteria, I think it would be ironic if this were the Chinese Year of the Pig.

To the guy who threw a wood chip at me outside of Clark: If you wanted my number you should have just asked No need to get physical.

In tennis, love means zero. Are there any tennis players out there interested in scoring, but not at love?

To the kid at AV Express who got kicked out for washing his hands in the soda fountain: Maybe drink a little less next weekend.

How do I know I threw a good party this weekend? Andrew Woods showed up.

Since when does it only take less than 2 million deaths to call something a pandemic?

Thanks CSU for the orange and yellow tulips! I really felt like I was getting something for my tuition.

In the bike lanes you go WITH traffic. Next time I see someone going the wrong way, I’ll just assume you’re challenging me to a joust and I will take you out. You have been warned.

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