Letter to the editor

Apr 292009

Mr. Bezek,

To prey on our collective fears and vulnerabilities is appalling, but to use it as a soapbox to voice your inflammatory rhetoric is simply inexcusable.

Pinning this potential health crisis on undocumented workers is a ridiculous distraction. Do not make the poor and impoverished your scapegoat.

Have you not considered the possibility that maybe, just maybe, an American tourist could have been infected while vacationing in Mexico City? Perhaps a college student in Cancun? No, of course not. It must have been an illegal who brought this plague upon us.

If a future pandemic were traced to Canada, would you advocate building a wall around Buffalo or Seattle? Perhaps the Canadians should build a wall around Windsor to keep out the poverty stricken residents of Detroit?

This “build a wall” response is childish and diverts attention from the real issues at hand, a mutant flu strain, unsanitary feedlots and the border town poverty that drives illegal immigration. Compassion, not hatred, is needed here.

Last year in the United States 37,313 people lost their lives an automobile accident. That’s over 100 each day. Let’s all try to maintain perspective.

Having recently lost my father, I deeply emphasize with all those who have lost a loved one to the swine flu. I don’t wish to diminish the human tragedy in any way. I understand it is in your best interest, as a journalist, to keep us frightened. But weaving your political agenda into this potential health crisis is shameful.

Evan Piche


business administration major

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