KCSU’s Top 30

Apr 292009

1. BOY LEAST LIKELY TO “The Law Of The Playground ”

2. WHITE RABBITS “It’s Frightening ”

3. EULOGIES “Here, Anonymous”

4. METRIC “Fantasies”

5. MSTRKRFT “Fist Of God”

6. TELEKINESIS “Telekinesis”


8. IMMACULATE MACHINE “High On Jackson Hill”

9. PETER BJORN AND JOHN “Living Thing”

10. TEA COZIES “Hot Probs”

11. BICYCLES “Oh No It’s Love”

12. STRANGE BOYS “And Girls Club”

13. ELVIS PERKINS IN DEARLAND “Elvis Perkins In Dearland”

14. ROYKSOPP “Junior”

15. BAT FOR LASHES “Two Suns”

16. WAVVES “Wavvves”

17. PEEKERS “Life In The Air”

18. THERMALS “Now We Can See”

19. AMADOU AND MARIAM “Welcome To Mali”

20. HARLEM SHAKES “Technicolor Health”

21. PAPER ROUTE “Absence”

22. BEN LEE “Rebirth Of Venus”

23. JEREMY JAY “Slow Dance”

24. EMPIRE OF THE SUN “Walking On A Dream”

25. JAMES YUILL “Turning Down Water For Air” 26. THUNDERHEIST “Thunderheist ”

27. SARA WATKINS “Sara Watkins”

28. GREAT LAKE SWIMMERS “Lost Channels”

29. PRODIGY “Invaders Must Die”

30. SWAN LAKE “Enemy Mine”

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