Apr 272009

To the boys with girlfriends: It’s all just mind over matter. I don’t mind; she don’t matter.

Is there a shirt that says, “I don’t know sex, but I’m willing to learn?”

To the creepy guy looking down my shirt as he went up the stairs in the library: I’m not sure what you were looking at, yours were bigger than mine.

You know you’re a CSU student when getting new wheels refers to a bicycle.

Has anyone else noticed the TWO left-hand turn lanes at Elizabeth and Shields? Just want to make sure I’m not the only one …

Getting in RamTalk is like streaking with a mask on: Everyone gets to see your nice package but nobody knows it was your package they saw.

Just when I thought I had the most original form of transportation on campus with my Razor scooter, unicycle dude passed me up.

To my capstone professor who told me, “I have a liver made of fiberglass, don’t try me.” Mine’s made of Kevlar. Bring it.

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