Apr 262009

There should be no tolerance for drunk driving, especially if a person has been caught before.

Sunday, The Denver Post reported in a front-page story that nearly one out of every three drunk drivers convicted in Colorado is a repeat offender. About half of those 10,000 drivers were arrested for driving drunk three times prior. Some arrested had more than 20 prior DUI-related cases.

That number is outrageous. Anyone who doesn’t change their ways in a succinct manner should have their driving privileges revoked permanently, because they are a danger to everyone on the roads.

Some states up the ante on repeat drunk drivers with the threat of a felony conviction and time in prison after three DUI convictions. Colorado is not one of those states. It should be.

There is no room for leniency when we’re dealing with innocent lives. And there are several ways that Colorado can fight this drunken problem.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving advocates the use of ignition interlock devices that prevent a driver from starting his or her vehicle if their blood alcohol concentration is above a certain level.

Continued support of treatment programs boasting impressive success rates is also a step in the right direction. A recent study found that just 7 percent of Colorado drivers who complete alcohol education and treatment were arrested again within four years.

As responsible college students, we all know drunk driving just isn’t cool. So come on CSU, let’s step up and tell our legislators that we need tougher drunk driving laws and continued support of drunk driving prevention methods.

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