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Authors: Scott Callahan

The track and field team will have the pleasure of hosting two home meets this weekend at Jack Christiansen Track.

Today is the start of the two-day Glenn Morris Multi-Event meet that will be a women’s heptathlon, sporting seven events. The Jack Christiansen meet will overlap on Friday, and will begin with the men’s hammer throw.

The Jack Christiansen meet will be the largest meet that CSU will host all year. They will bring 15 teams to Ft. Collins. Head track and field coach Brian Bedard said that CSU has historically had a good array of competition.

“This is a good opportunity for a quality meet at home,” he said. “We usually always have a good showing at the Jack Christiansen meet.”

Track and field is a civilized showcase of human capability. It displays an athlete’s strength, speed and agility in a vast variety of events. It attracts a diverse set of athletes, some events require horsepower and others require efficiency, said Bedard.

“The difference about track and field is that it has the team aspect . but it is also very individual at the same time,” Bedard said. “It’s you against the clock, against the competition, and against the tape measure.”

The brute strength that it takes to compete in throwing events of track and field is a rare combination of power and speed, said senior weight thrower Alex Godell.

“Throwing is a very primitive and barbaric thing to do,” Godell said. “Basically it is head to head competition of who can throw big metal objects further than the other.”

The relationship with a discus or hammer is a whipping sensation that senior thrower Missy Faubus described as “poetry in motion.” The hammer is an event where athletes hurl a weighted ball attached to a string as far as possible.

Working on the other side of the field are the jumpers, which include events that range from hurdlers to high jumper to long jumpers. Ryan Billups and David Eischeid said that the long jump requires kinetic awareness.

“(The long jump) is a combination of strength, speed and the ability to control your body in the air,” Billups said.

Several of the Rams’ runners and top athletes will head to Eugene, Ore. this weekend for the two-day Oregon Relays.

Track demands endurance and mental toughness for the distance and mid-distance runners. Running is more than a hobby for these athletes.

Anything from the pleasure of a challenge against oneself to the pure unadulterated love of competition are reasons the track athletes gave for their love of the events.

“Running is a release for me, God blessed me with the gift to run,” said Allison Gohl.

On the other hand are runners like Jake Keyser who said, “There is no greater feeling of after accomplishing your goal.”

Berryhill described track and field as a whole as “the ultimate competition.”

Track beat writer Scott Callahan can be reached at sports@collegian.com.

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