Apr 212009
Authors: Compiled Nina Beitz

If people evolved from monkeys, I’d swear that the earliest stages of evolution live in my dorm hall.

You know you’re obsessed with RamTalk if you read it online before the newspapers have been put out.

Until further notice, April is now renamed Nugget-tober.

You know you live in Colorado when you have a space heater and a fan next to your night stand.

To all the pot heads celebrating 4/20: Isn’t that like lighting fireworks off everyday and then celebrating the Fourth of July by lighting off fireworks?

I’ve noticed that there are two kinds of toilets in the LSC. The automatic ones that flush six times before I’m finished, and the manual ones whose single flush lasts about 3 hours.

Dear note-flippers: In your frantic attempt to flip through your notes the entire class period to try to look smarter, the 50 minutes of constantly rustling papers is starting to give me an eye twitch.

“Smokin’ the Reefer?” Since when does 4/20 qualify as front page news? I think the Collegian might be high.

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