Ram Talk

Apr 152009

If CSU doesn’t promote drug use, then why is there an ATM at Durrell Center? Thanks for making it convenient for me to buy a sack at the dorms.

You know you go to CSU when half of the people at the teacher career fair are also ready to go straight to an Office Hoes and CEO’s party.

After consecutively meeting girls from Boulder this semester, it just doesn’t make sense why CU wouldn’t let you in. You’re all rich, spoiled and snobs; maybe CU will give you another try, because we’re done with you here.

Isn’t it a waste of a perfectly good woman when you finally find a hot one that is so superficial she judges you by your hair?

To the person complaining about how boys don’t get more attractive on campus: Good to know. I’m glad us CSU guys are just as attractive as jocks in your book. Puts my faith back in humanity.

To all the conservatives holding signs that say “Don’t spread my wealth, spread my work ethic”: If you had good work ethic, wouldn’t you be at work at 2 p.m. on a Wednesday?

Which makes less sense: students with concealed-carry, or cops walking through the LSC with M4 rifles?

Things it’s hard to look manly doing: walking a poodle and playing football for CU.

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