Apr 152009
Authors: Ian Mahan

When people ask which bands are changing music today, the first band at the top of your list might not be New Orleans-based Mute Math, but they sure shouldn’t fall out of the top five.

In 2006, the band released their unusually influential self-titled debut, which found front man Paul Meany bringing back the use of a keytar and implementing it into modern music.

With the production of their new EP, “The Spotlight EP,” Mute Math is showing exactly why they are a force to be reckoned with at the onset of 2009.

Though the EP runs only four songs long, it makes a point much like the band’s debut album.

The self-titled track, “Spotlight,” finds Meany crying out the words in his soulful rock voice, “Just take the fall, you’re one of us, the spotlight is on .” referring to the snobbish approach that many artists have toward their music in today’s industry.

Perhaps, though, the show-stealer for the EP is the bands drummer Darren King. King’s drumming on the EP is enough to make a listener wonder whether or not a computer is actually playing the tracks or if a human body can move that fast. “Clockwork,” the second song on the EP, really showcases King’s ability and is enough to keep one tapping their foot well past the song’s conclusion.

Greg Hill, the band’s guitarist, shows off his production work in each and every one of the songs on the album and seems to be able to be pushing the boundaries of what it means for a band to be self-produced.

Whether or not listeners are going to be a believer in the four-song EP produced by a band that has very abstract ways of creating their music, Mute Math proves that New Orleans doesn’t just produce great music; the city produces unique music, too.

Staff writer Ian Mahan can be reached at verve@collegian.com.

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