Yays and Nays

Apr 122009

Yay | to the first week of Major League Baseball. Grab a dog and a beer and root, root, root for your Rockies . until their inevitable August slump.

Nay | to the soggy Easter weather. How on Earth are people supposed to beat their little cousins in Easter egg hunting when they slip and slide all over the lawn?

Yay | to the captain off the African coast being released from captors. Playing real-life “Pirates of the Caribbean” is not as fun as it seems.

Nay | to pirates. I mean, really? Grow up and get a real job . oh wait, there aren’t any.

Yay | to the end of ASCSU elections. Finally, we have a leader for the student voice, who is pretty much voiceless everywhere else.

Nay | to the Easter candy Peeps. Whether you like them or not, anything that blows up into fake-chick, molten candy goop in the microwave can’t be safe to ingest.

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