Apr 122009
Authors: Compiled Nina Beitz

RamRide: So people without cars can still go on dates.

I aced my reproduction test without studying, excluding Saturday night activities. Now I know sex.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to break it to my parents that they will be paying for a fifth year of out-of-state tuition?

To the couple fiercely making out with their legs wrapped around each other in the Oval yesterday: Next time you try having sex, taking your pants off might help.

Dan and Tim: Congrats! You offically have the most friends out of all the candidates.

Is it bad that I get more e-mails from Tony Frank than I do from my boyfriend?

To the guy who wants to smoke at the Oval on 4/20: Have fun getting arrested while we’re all in Boulder taking mad puffs with the bucking fuffs.

Why is it that the farther north you go on campus, the more beautiful girls you see?

It is nice to see that gas prices are back on the rise! Thanks, Obama, for the change.

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