Apr 092009

To the guy at the rec center who was pretending he was texting when he really was taking a video of a girl’s butt. Now I know why you go to the rec center.

Dear Cubbies: be gentle with my heart this season.

You can tell it’s spring semester when there is no parking at the library because everyone’s realized how badly they messed up fall semester.

If everybody is so worried about the recession and “going green,” why don’t we just save some money and our environment and “go naked?”

The Collegian endorsement curse lives on!

Motorcyclists: My truck isn’t like the girl you’re trying to impress. It doesn’t care how cool you think you look weaving through traffic at high speeds. The next time you cut me off and have to slam on the breaks unexpectedly, you might figure out how big and heavy my truck really is.

If we get bad CSU government, blame me. I voted so I could get the T-shirt. I needed something to sit on so I wouldn’t get grass stains on my dress!

Is it just me or does microwaving a peep just get you excited about Easter this Sunday?

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