Rams set for scrimmage

Apr 092009
Authors: Matt L. Stephens

While the CSU football team wasn’t sure if the weather was going to make room for a Thursday afternoon practice or not, the Rams were able to fit in a day with no pads in preparation of their scrimmage this afternoon at 4:15 at Hughes Stadium.

Due to NCAA regulations, schools must have one third of their spring practices without pads. CSU head coach Steve Fairchild was thankful to get practice in on Thursday, giving his players Easter weekend off.

“Yea, it was good to get this one in,” said Fairchild. “We got a lot done, did some work on goal line and did a lot with the defense and offensively we did some gun-and-run stuff that we hadn’t in the past.”

The practice scheduled for this afternoon was originally planned to be on Saturday, but the CSU players are thankful to have a full weekend without practice so that they can rest.

“It’s definitely nice to have practice now so that we can have the weekend off,” said CSU wide receiver Dion Morton. “Coach does expect a lot from us on Friday so hopefully we can work hard and then be able to relax.”

After today, the Rams won’t have practice until Tuesday and even though there is three-day break, senior quarterback Grant Stucker is staying positive and thinks that the offense is finally coming along to where it should be.

“After all of these practices were finally starting to find ourselves and replace the guys that we lost,” Stucker said. “We’re finding out who we are as an offense, which is a good thing.”

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