Apr 092009
Authors: Stephen Lin

On Sunday, there will be chocolate, brightly colored eggs, and a mention of some sort of rabbit that delivers them. But some Fort Collins residents say they look past the glossy commercialization to find the heart of Easter.

Christians around Fort Collins will celebrate Easter this weekend, beginning with Good Friday, the day of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion.

Don Burkhart, the senior pastor at the Free Methodist church Harbor of Hope, said “Easter is an opportunity for god to demonstrate his love for his people on this planet and his ability to set us free from our own sins and to reconcile us back to God.”

According to tradition, after Jesus’ Last Supper, he was arrested and then handed over for crucifixion. Jesus carried the cross, was crucified and his body was placed in a tomb. Three days later, the New Testament of the Bible says, Jesus rose from the dead.

Jesus’ resurrection is one of the most important parts of the Christian religion, a testament to God’s power, Burkhart said — something that allowed God to forgive humans “by allowing his son to die on the cross for our sins.”

Peter Melander, a junior civil engineer major, said he will work as a projectionist for his church at Redeemer Lutheran.

“It’s a part of my faith, I believe it and for me, it’s a very powerful, huge piece of symbolism,” Melander

Jen Hale, an administrative assistant with The Rock, said she agreed with Melander’s feelings as to the importance of Easter to the Christian religion.

“All of Christianity hinges on Jesus Christ resurrecting from the dead,” said Hale.

If Jesus had not resurrected, Hale said that Christian beliefs would be shattered and false.

Burkhart said he believes when “the Son rose again on the third day, he did not have any sin on him and we can break free from our sin.”

As for the eggs and chocolate, Hale disagreed with the marketing of the holiday.

“Easter is about your heart, it is about new life in Christ.”

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