Ram Talk

Apr 082009

-Dear Kim-Jong-Il: If you would like to see how a real missile works, I’m sure we’d be happy to “send” one to you.

-Why is it that CSU is a green university and yet they get mad when i recycle my alcohol bottles in the dorm recycle bins?

-To the New Belgium Brewing: Please change the name of Mighty Arrow to Mighty Hammer, that would make it that much better!

-So, I thought I hated the snow, but I realized that the snow makes the annoying plaza people go away.

-Why yesterday’s Collegian was the best ever: It had drugs, music, sex and 300 lb. Linemen scoring TDs.

-Is it bad that everytime I see an ugly person wearing an “I know sex.” shirt I want to ask, “Are you sure?”

-To the sorority girl at the party last night: so much for being a “leader of tomorrow.” You didn’t even look like you were going to make it through the night.

-To the person who got a DUI because Ramride closed early: We do apologize and will see you when you need your community service hours.

-Who is that lady who is supposed to help me but doesn’t? Oh yeah, my advisor.

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