Apr 072009
Authors: Aaron Montoya

Associated Students of CSU candidates for president and vice president Dan Gearhart and Tim Hole won the 2009 election Wednesday night.

“I couldn’t breath after the syllable ‘D’ came out,” Hole said, referring to the announcement.

The two said their first order of business was getting the ASCSU budget sorted out, something they said they’d tackle starting next week.

The results were announced in the ASCSU Senate chambers shortly after 8 p.m. by Elections Manager Zane Guilfoyle.

Shaun Reed and Melisa Panagakos came in second, Conrad Miller and Jake Donovan third and Andy Moores and Paul Wade in last.

Voter turnout was 24.1 percent, down slightly this year from the 2008-2009 election in which 26.2 percent participated.

Newly-elected ASCSU President Daniel Scott Gearhart and Vice President Tim William Hole, both senior political science majors, will take on leading CSU’s student body for the 2009-2010 school year in a time when higher education funding in Colorado is facing cuts greater than 50 percent.

Colorado legislature’s Joint Budget Committee recommended a $300 million cut to higher education funding April 1. The package of budget bills that contains that cut is moving through the Senate this week and will continue to the House next week.

See Collegian.com throughout the night and the Thursday issue of the Collegian for updates.

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