Yays and Nays

Apr 052009

Yay | to Tony Frank for being frank with parents about issues facing CSU. Too bad the same can’t be said of other officials whose decisions will affect higher ed.

Nay | to proposed budget cuts and increased tuition hike authority. How do you put the worst-funded higher ed institutions in even more dire straights? Looks like the Joint Budget Committee found a way.

Yay | to the Associated Students of CSU elections today through Wednesday. Finally, the Plaza will be clear for pedestrians to walk un-harassed again.

Nay | to the shootings in Birmingham, N.Y, Friday. Tragic and senseless, we can only hope this type of violence is not repeated.

Yay | to the failure of North Korea’s satellite launch attempt. Playing spaceman is a little harder than it looks, eh?

Nay | to snowfall on a Friday night. Seriously, is it too much to ask of nature to only give us blizzard conditions when it will get us out of class?

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