Apr 052009

Among the group responsible for the initial effort to add a student vote to the CSU System Board of Governors, Shaun and Melisa have shown the competency and confidence needed to lead students in these uncertain times.

Even though their initial effort failed, they have committed to continuing the push down at the state Capitol, which, in light of a proposed $300 million in cuts to higher education, is more important than ever.

Of course, the push now is not so much about getting the vote immediately as it is about laying the groundwork for the future and establishing students as an active voice in the political dialogue. And they plan to do it closer to home too.

Included in their many campaign platforms is the reform of the city ordinance U+2 that prevents more than three unrelated students from sharing one house. But rather than focus on eliminating the law, as many others have tried in the past, they want to partner with the community to come up with a compromise.

We feel this less hostile approach may be just the thing to open the minds of community members into seeing things the students’ way.

Another plan that sets this group apart is their commitment to outreach.

Bringing the “Taste of Fort Collins” is an easy way to improve campus relations with the community. Given the other major platform of U+2 reform, this could be a good first step.

Based on their platform and extensive record within and outside of the Associated Students of CSU, this pair will continue the progress of their predecessors.

Make sure you hit RamWeb and cast your vote today.

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