Apr 022009

You know you’re a college student when your reasoning for not voting in city council elections hinges not on your lack of knowledge but your frugality. Stamps are 42 cents.

To the person who thought the football team was the joke the Collegian was talking about: You win the awesome prize of paying for the bowl- winning football team’s indoor facility. Congratulations.

My vote goes to the ASCSU candidates with the cutest puppies.

To the person looking for someone to please their roommate: Did you not read Brian’s article on prostitution?

It stands to reason that all those flagrant errors in the Collegian on April 1st were accidents.

The worst is definitely the longboarding texters.

Has anyone ever noticed that the horse at DIA has giant blue balls?

To the kids riding their longboards inside the student center on Wednesday: That’s why our tuition money has paid for sidewalks.

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