Mar 312009
Authors: Compiled Nina Beitz

If a girl who is smoking complains about you chewing, simply respond with, “Some people like good-tasting tobacco.”

The Jonas Brothers: So deep in the closet, they’re having adventures in Narnia.

Whoever wanted the “I know sex shirt”, you can have mine. I don’t need to advertise it, your boyfriend already knows.

To the Collegian: Thank you giving me false hopes by posting an employment advertisement in the March 31 issue where the application deadline was March 25.

If boobs were a stock they would be recession proof.

The best thing about the girls of Fun-Ology is that Andrew Woods was always on top of them.

Hugs, 25 cents. Kisses, $1. Free condoms that actually work … priceless.

I don’t know who all these ASCSU candidates are, but they sure are pissing me off with all these flyers.

To the couple in Weber trying to figure out who it was that kept you from finishing their reading last night, you are the reason I usually just pay to print at the library.

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