Mar 312009

As many of you know or have experienced, today is the most frustrating and hilarious day of the year, April Fools’ Day.

The day traditionally lends itself to pranks and practical jokes, an institution that seeps into every facet of daily life.

Some may play jokes on coworkers. Others prank family members. And the tradition does not usually evade college newspapers.

Each April 1, many campus news sources usually play some subtle or outstanding joke upon its readership —- and the Collegian is no exception.

For instance, in last year’s April 1 edition, the Collegian played a practical joke on readers by creating a sudoku that was unsolvable.

For those who were irate by the false numbers game, we apologize. But honestly, that was hilarious.

This year, however, we’ve decided to take a higher road.

Instead of some harmful, insidious prank like the sudoku fiasco, we’ve left just one joke in today’s paper.

And for those who stumble upon it, congratulations. You’ve solved this intensely hard and downright tricky puzzle constructed by only the best and the brightest: The Collegian Editorial Board.

So for all your hard work, we’ve decided to grace the first reader who can locate the joke to come to the front desk of Student Media, at the bottom of the main stairs in the Lory Student Center, with a reward.

But you might want to hurry because who knows who might be looking over your shoulder, stealing your answer? And shh, the prize is a secret.

Good luck.

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