Yays and Nays

Mar 292009

Yay | to the March blizzard that closed the entire university Thursday. It gave people a legitimate excuse to drink on a school night.

Nay | to the blizzard not being strong enough to close school on Friday. Makes the peppermint schnapps and hot chocolate decision Thursday night look like a bad idea.

Yay | to the ASCSU elections being just around the corner. Maybe this time they’ll get the tally correct.

Nay | to North Korea threatening to launch a rocket this week. We should threaten back, causing Kim Jong Il to shake in his size-4 boots.

Yay | to the students who spent all night in boxes Thursday to raise homelessness awareness. That takes some real balls, even if they might have shrank due to the cold.

Nay | to NCAA men’s basketball brackets being busted. To all those who lost money in Vegas picking all number one seeds: D’oh!

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