Mar 292009
Authors: April Ragland

Student Services is the cabinet department of the Associated Students of CSU that focuses on catering to the needs and wants of the Colorado State student population. Of all the departments in ASCSU, it is the most flexible and adapts the most frequently.

Student Services is responsible for creating school spirit, unity and a sense of tradition.

The traditional Student Service programs include Grill the Buffs, Ram Road-trip, Positive Impact and the Smile Projects.

Each year on the plaza Student Services sponsors Grill the Buffs, a program in which we grill buffalo burgers to pump up the students before the big rival game. Also, Student Services provides a bus that takes students to and from the stadium in Denver.

At each of the home football games you will see members of Student Services and volunteers from other student organizations walking the stands and tailgating area in yellow vests. This is Positive Impact — a peer program that gives students the opportunity to take responsibility for their actions without involving law enforcement.

The Smile program is designed to relieve the stress felt by students during the dreaded finals week. During this week Student Services hands out free food and other gifts in the library. These are all programs that you can look forward to for next year!

Along with the Smile Program, the traditional programs that you can expect for this semester are the For-Ever-Green T-shirts, and the Student-Coach Mixer. Many of you proudly wear your For-Ever-Green T-shirts at games or around campus.

The purpose of the shirt is to foster a sense of school pride and create a unified sea of green during athletic events. This program allows students to submit designs and the winning design will become next year’s T-shirt.

This year we received an amazing 87 applications. The winner will be decided by a student vote that will be on the ballot for next year’s ASCSU president.

The Student-Coach Mixer is an upcoming event that will allow interested students to meet Head Football Coach Steve Fairchild, his staff, and players.

Student Services is constantly trying to create new traditions that the student population will appreciate. This semester we have some exciting new ideas.

We already held the first ever “Campaign Kick-Off” on the plaza. This event was held last Monday and began the elections campaign for the new student body president.

This year, ASCSU hopes to get more students to vote than ever by increasing awareness of the election and, most importantly, informing the student body about the positions of each candidate.

Keep your eyes and ears open for these and other programs and enjoy the benefits of being a CSU student.

April Ragland is a sophomore human development and family studies major and is the Director of Student Services for ASCSU. ASCSU’s column appears occasionally in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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