Mar 292009

No one is questioning whether Dallas police officer Robert Powell followed procedure when he pulled over Houston Texans running back Ryan Moats after committing several traffic violations nearly two weeks ago.

In fact, Powell followed his job to a fault, detaining Moats in the parking lot of a local Dallas hospital.

What the officer failed to do was make an unordinary judgment call in an extraordinary circumstance.

Moats, his wife Tamishia and her great aunt rushed through the Dallas streets March 17, hoping to reach the hospital where his mother-in-law Jonetta Collinsworth, 45, lay dying of breast cancer.

After blowing through two red lights and two hospital stop signs, Moats and crew scampered out of the SUV, only to see that the officer had drawn his weapon.

Although Moats’ wife and great aunt ignored the officer’s warnings, Powell detained the NFL player for nearly 15 minutes as his mother-in-law died.

Now, the officer had every right to hold Moats for the traffic laws he violated. But the officer acted overzealously, drawing his weapon and threatening to haul Moats off to jail.

And all Moats wanted was to catch a glimpse of his mother-in-law before she passed away.

So, shame on you Officer Powell. The way you acted was ruthless, unprofessional and heartless. We challenge you to ask yourself if that is how you would like to be treated if a member of your family was dying.

Have a heart, man.

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